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Pancreatic Cancer and Obesity Surgeon

Prof. dr. Oguzhan Karatepe
Karatepe Clinic Founder

The Founder of Karatepe Clinic, Prof.Dr. Oğuzhan Karatepe was born in Ardahan in 1978.


Having studied medicine at Istanbul University, Karatepe received general surgery specialization training for 5 years at Istanbul Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital. Oğuzhan Karatepe, who was entitled to receive the title of associate professor at Bezmialem Vakıf University in 2011, received the title of professor while working at Yeni Yüzyıl University in 2015.


How Do I Know If I Have Pancreatic Cancer?

In the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer with regional vascular spread, surgery was not planned before and only palliative treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy was considered.


I Have Pancreatic Cancer Should I Have Chemotherapy First Or Surgery?

In pancreatic cancer, especially in advanced stage patients, chemotherapy can be applied to increase the chance of surgery or to reduce current complaints. However, if it can be done, the primary treatment should be surgery.

Cancer is a systemic disease. Although the stage is very important, there is a possibility of metastasis later in the abdomen or lungs. Continuous follow-up is required after the operation. 

Is There a Genetic Inheritance of Pancreatic Cancer?

The surgery performed in cancers that develop in the head of the pancreas is called the "Whipple Surgery" and includes the removal of the head of the pancreas, part of the stomach, part of the duodenum and part of the biliary tract. It is a very complicated operation with a high risk of complications. The recovery period after surgery can take an average of 20 days. This period will be extended if complications develop.



In the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer with regional vascular spread, surgery was not planned before and only palliative treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy was considered.

In cancers located in the head of the pancreas, the Whipple Procedure is performed if the mass can be completely removed, and in cancers located in the trunk and tail, Distal Pancreas Resection surgeries are performed. 


Bariatric Surgery, known as obesity surgery among the people, is the surgical procedures performed on the digestive systems of patients with more than normal fat in their bodies to regain their health. Tube Stomach, Gastritis By-Pass, Duodenal Switch, Mini Gastritis By-Pass, Transit Bipartition are among the operations performed in bariatric, that is, obesity surgery. The aim of all these surgeries is to reduce the stomach capacity of the patients and to get rid of the excess fat that impairs their health.


Today, cancer surgery can be performed safely, especially for the organs in the abdomen, in a closed (laparoscopic) manner.


After Laparoscopic Oncological Surgery, which can be performed in experienced hands, the recovery process of the patients is faster and the planning of the subsequent Medical Oncological treatments can be done in a shorter time, especially if it will be taken.


In our clinic, the treatment of colon and rectum, stomach, pancreatic, liver cancer can be performed in closed (laparoscopic) patients in suitable patients.



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