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How Do I Know If I Have Pancreatic Cancer?

In the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer with regional vascular spread, surgery was not planned before and only palliative treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy was considered.


Gastric Balloon Without Endoscopy Is Possible!

You have excess weight, but you want to lose weight with a non-surgical method, not a surgical method. In this case, the general surgeon  You have 2 options when you want help. You will either have a gastric balloon or gastric botox... You know that in both applications, you have to undergo endoscopic procedure with sedation, right? But you were wrong, gastric balloon application is now possible in our clinic with swallowable balloons without the need for endoscopy and sedation.


I Have Pancreatic Cancer Should I Have Chemotherapy First Or Surgery?

In pancreatic cancer, especially in advanced stage patients, chemotherapy can be applied to increase the chance of surgery or to reduce current complaints. However, if it can be done, the primary treatment should be surgery.

Cancer is a systemic disease. Although the stage is very important, there is a possibility of metastasis later in the abdomen or lungs. Continuous follow-up is required after the operation. 


Is There a Genetic Inheritance of Pancreatic Cancer?

The surgery performed in cancers that develop in the head of the pancreas is called the "Whipple Surgery" and includes the removal of the head of the pancreas, part of the stomach, part of the duodenum and part of the biliary tract. It is a very complicated operation with a high risk of complications. The recovery period after surgery can take an average of 20 days. This period will be extended if complications develop.

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