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Prof. dr. Oguzhan Karatepe


Karatepe Clinic Founder

The Founder of Karatepe Clinic, Prof.Dr. Oğuzhan Karatepe was born in Ardahan in 1978.


Having studied medicine at Istanbul University, Karatepe received general surgery specialization training for 5 years at Istanbul Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital. Oğuzhan Karatepe, who was entitled to receive the title of associate professor at Bezmialem Vakıf University in 2011, received the title of professor while working at Yeni Yüzyıl University in 2015.


Performing many prestigious surgeries such as cancer surgery and organ transplantation in Turkey and abroad throughout his working life, Prof.Dr. Karatepe has specialized in laparoscopic surgery, invasive pancreatic surgery, liver surgery and bariatric surgery. Karatepe, which is hope for advanced cancer patients, also gave hundreds of patients struggling with obesity the opportunity to start a new life.


Founding Karatepe Clinic to give hope to more patients, Prof.Dr. Oğuzhan Karatepe continues to give hope to people by performing pancreatic cancer and obesity surgery with his colleagues, with whom he combines his surgical experience.


Karatepe, a yoga instructor, certified diver and surfer, is married and has two children.



- 60 articles published in international journals

- Over 100 articles published in national journals

- He has authored 3 book chapters.


- Erasmus University Liver Biliary Tracts and Pancreas Surgery Rotterdam, 2011

- Robotic Intraabdominal Surgery, 2011

- Strasbourg European Society of Organ Transplantation TOP course, 2011, Berlin

- European Society of Laparoscopy Advance Course Muscot,2011

- Advance Laparoscopy, Strasbourg 2010

- Advance Laparoscopy for Liver and Pancreas Surgery, 2014, Strasbourg

- Laparoscopic Live Donor Nephrectomy, Rotterdam,2011 - Laparocopic Liver Surgery , Amsterdam 2012,

- Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, Strasbourg, 2014

- Robotic Surgery Course, 2014 , Acıbadem




- TUBITAK Project Award

- Between 2012-2017;  Over 300 whipples

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